Turning a fine man into a handsome devil with his new beard trimmer

Give this fine man a break and let him continue to be himself for a change. It is clear to see that he was never happy clean-shaven. It’s in his personality and it could also possibly be in his genes. After all, have you not noticed those wall pictures of his grandfather and great grandfather that he has been hanging proudly on his living room wall all these years? What do you see? Long, flowing and fine beards, that’s what.

But your fine man is not asking to look as grotesque as that. Yes, that is what you were thinking. All your man wants to do is look decent and be himself. He struggled to get his beard just so because he is no handyman where ancient tools are concerned. Going down to the barber every five minutes is going to cost him more than few bob. How else will he be able to pay for your dinner and dining then? Do both him and you a favor and go and get your good man an equally good beard trimmer.

It won’t be costing you much of a bob that much we can tell you. Come to think of it, it won’t be costing the earth either. Because these portable handsome looking devils are powered by battery, leaving your poor old man with more than enough time to trim his beard with finesse. A fine work of art does take time to develop. By buying him one of a range of eclectic little trimmers, you will be turning this fine man into a handsome devil of your own.

beard trimmer

He’ll be so handsome that when you look at him, you’ve just got to kiss him, right there.