A discernment towards the best straight razor

Quality craftsmanship will never be at a low cost. In fact, if you are after good quality you should be expecting to pay a considerable amount more than average. Many blokes cringe at this possibility, always wanting to save money which invariably goes towards things that they don’t really need. They end up buying intangible materials which only keep them satisfied for no more than a couple of hours. And if it is something deemed to be a bit more practical, say, in the grooming area, they purchase low-cost toiletries and plastic grooming accoutrements which don’t really last long anyway.

Look at it this way. Take another look into your well-polished vanity mirror. Surely you can do better than that. It is like buying sticky roll-ons which end up offering something pungent rather than the desired effects of a good manly scent. The best perfume for men is expensively assembled and done with craftsmanship that is inspired by decadence. Take a similar tone of inspiration when next you re-align your grooming cabinet.

Set aside a prideful place for your best straight razor. To help you make a discerning choice, here is a short list of fine decadence and quality craftsmanship. There is a Feather DX which comes with a quaint wooden folding handle. There is also a shaving blade from A P Donovan known simply as the Professional. Those not quite ready for the upper echelons of grooming excellence can start off their new grooming habit with a Parker SR1.

best straight razor

It is inexcusably affordable even to the blue collar worker or shelf packer. Nevertheless, it is still made of stainless steel. It is a nice introduction to the consummate grooming and shaving experience, leaving you with enough shaving room to move up a notch, perhaps as early as next year.