A phenomenal gonzos quest bonus opportunity for all avid gamers

If you are already an avid online or video game enthusiast, you may just like this next game. If you’re already quite keen on those slot machine games with all the cherries and bells and whistles attached to it, you may just become a tad more excited at collecting another gonzos quest bonus while having the adventure of a lifetime. This motivational note on new gaming opportunities might sound a little over-exuberant at this point, but you see, it just can’t be helped.

If you like your history and a good adventure story, then you could get goose bumps on this road trip. Let’s face it, if we have that opportunity at least once a year, most of us do enjoy a good road trip. Seeing things we’ve never encountered before, we turn our road trip into a real adventure. But it pales into comparison to the one that the legendary Gonzo Pizzaro took on his way to Eldorado. Do you remember that story?

Do you even know the story of the road to Eldorado? Well, here’s your opportunity to learn all about it while having some rewarding fun along the way. Unless you’re one of those lucky road trippers who stop along the way at a live casino, you’re not collecting gold along the way, are you. Road trips, the real ones, cost money. This one, based on history, is money for jam. You don’t need to slot in much to collect your pot of gold.

gonzos quest bonus

You do need a sense of adventure, however. Otherwise Gonzo’s finger pointing won’t be helping you much. Use your imagination and relive your childhood, remembering all those fairy stories while you push on to the next level.

Body Weight Workout Ideas for San Diegans

I named this after sunny San Diego because these are all some bodyweight workouts that give you an excuse to get outside. The San Diego fitness community should always take advantage of their beautiful climate in more ways than just running. Although going hiking and swimming are extremely popular here – those activities can take a lot of time when you are looking for something quick. So I put together a nice short list for myself on what workouts I could do as an excuse for a quick jaunt in the sun. I was asked to share a couple of the lesser known exercises from that list with you. All of these are meant to be done on the grass with no equipment at all.

Kicking Power Jumpies

I honestly have no idea what this exercise is called, but it was suggested to me by a trainer when I wanted to work on my kicking explosiveness. You start on your knees – as if you are about to be beheaded or are praying – and then quickly jump directly to your feet. I found myself often landing in a squat position, so I’ve since added in a jump as soon as I land on my feet -landing that jump on my toes and then going back to the kneeling position in one controlled motion. Just controlling your stability into and out of that jump does wonders for building strength in many of the muscles useful in balance and stability. Starting off with around sets of 15 of these is probably best if your body is used to working out.

Bear Crawls

I hated these when I played football, and I hated them more as a Marine. I’ve grown to love them now. Going a good distance bear crawling will make you hurt in places you never knew you had muscles the next morning. They are simple to do, but you’ve gotta push yourself. Choose a set distance and don’t stop. Simply crawl – but only let your feet and hands touch the ground – no knees, elbows, or stomach. I used to cheat by kind of doing hop run (like you’ll see bears do when they get moving) back when I was 15 – but the point here is to go for a controlled steady motion – not speed.

Modified Burpees

Burpees are a great all around exercise, but there is no reason you can’t push em farther. I like doing the candlestick burpee because it adds yet another muscle into the mix. You start standing and then roll onto your back, keep going until you can point your toes to the sky – hold that for half a second using your core. Then bend the knees and roll forward into your pushup position and complete the burpee like normal.

San Diego fitness

Although I prompted this article with a remark on San Diego fitness, these exercises are perfect for anywhere, and are a great quick set of exercises you can do when you need an excuse to get outside.

Only Buy the Best Food for Chihuahua Pets

There is something really cute about being able to own a Chihuahua. They are some of the cutest dogs in the world, and they are really a great addition to any home or apartment. And if you are someone who has owned a dog in the past, or you want to own a dog for the first time, you should know that a lot of research goes into being a good dog owner. Even if you have owned a dog in the past, you probably never had a Chihuahua, so there are some things you may need to learn.

best food for Chihuahua

One of the things that we care about a lot when it comes to dogs is that you get the best food for Chihuahua dogs. The reason why it matters so much for you to get really good food for your pet is because you are going to need to put yourself in a position to properly take care of the animal. Every dog needs nurturing, both from a physical and emotional point of view. If you are a great owner and you are really playful and kind to your Chihuahua, you are off to a good start.

But there is always more we can do, and making sure we are feeding our pets in the right way is really important. They are relying on you to give them food – these are not dogs that are going to go out and hunt or get their own food. Whatever you give your Chihuahua, they will eat politely. So you need to ensure that you are feeding your Chihuahua the right things. And you can learn about what works and does not work as food for your dog. So make sure you are paying attention to the right sites and the information they are providing.